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Event Genius is now operated by Lyte
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Return to live events with a COVID-secure end-to-end platform

The landscape has changed. We understand the challenges you face as organisers and have been working hard to ensure Event Genius is the most complete and COVID-ready end-to-end ticketing platform for the industry, now and in the future.

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Return to live events

Ready to serve events of all types

We know you may have been forced to pivot your usual business and we’re here to help in that process. Whether you’ve been forced to close your venue in favour of livestreams, rethink your festivals into out-of-the-box socially distanced events or anything in between, we’re here to help you get back to live.

Go cashless

70% of event-goers demand cashless

Give your fans what they want. A recent survey (March 2021) we undertook of our UK audience showed that 70% of event-goers would be more likely to attend an event if they were to implement a COVID-secure cashless system like egPay.

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70% of cashless

Remove cash, improve hygiene

Studies have shown that the common influenza virus can last for up to 17 days on banknotes. Go cashless and create a safer, more hygienic event environment for your fans and staff.

Secure the future of your event

It is no secret that event revenues all but dried up during the Coronavirus pandemic. Switching to cashless by egPay returns up to 39% uplift in revenues over 2 years whilst also significantly increasing pre-event earnings.

Safer and more efficient

Remove the need for fans and staff to exchange cash, credit or debit cards and pin terminals during transactions, whilst faster transactions and shorter queues allow for a more natural visitor flow through your event.

Self-service top-up

Reduce fan to staff contact points and make your events even more COVID-secure by enabling fans to top-up and check their balance through self-service terminals.

Contactless entry

Self-service scanning terminals

Reduce the amount of audience to staff contact through self-service ticket scanning terminals. Utilise mobile tickets and avoid the risk of contamination further.

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Self Services

Managing entry safely

Track and monitor ingress at your event through real time reporting and ensure entry rates are suitable for social distancing and within any Coronavirus related regulatory requirements.

Managing audience flow

Stagger attendee arrival, limit the number of visitors in your venue and improve audience flow with Timed Entry tickets, redeemable only during their valid time slots.

Track and trace

Keep your fans safe

Put your customers’ safety first. Our Ticket Management Portal will allow you collect personal data for all attendees, not just lead ticket buyers, and ensure you’re prepared to carry out full track and trace duties in the event of a COVID-19 breakout.

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Keep Safe
Our Searing plans
Social distancing automation

Our seating plans are built for social distancing

Configure custom seating and floor plans for venues of all types. Set rules for social distancing to ensure tickets surrounding a customer’s booking will not be available to others and easily adjust rules as government guidance changes.

Take Events Online
Live streaming and virtual events

Take your events online

FesticketLive provides you with customised live streaming pages to present gigs, concerts, workshops, digital panels and more to your audiences, all behind a secure paywall.

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Our platform is flexible for you

Sell for COVID-secure socially distanced events of all types including drive-in theatres, open air cinemas, concerts and more.

Run an indoor venue? Split your venue into zones, sell specific ticket types per zone and use egAccess to restrict entry to each zone, aiding social distancing both during entry and within the venue itself.


Limit ‘on the door’ ticketing

Maximise last minute ticket sales without the need for a physical box office on site at your venue. Seamlessly synchronise live online sales with your on-the-door ticket scanning operation, removing the need to ever close sales or manually download ticket data again.


FlexTicket by Festicket

At a time where customer confidence is low, giving fans flexibility and peace of mind is key. Festicket’s FlexTicket initiative gives customers a flexible cancellation policy on their festival ticket orders resulting in greater advanced sales and a better promoter to fan relationship.


Reduce ‘face-to-face’ ticketing

Ambassador App allows your rep teams and patrons to easily share events with their networks from their smartphone to sell digital tickets and earn commission.

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