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12 reasons why Event Genius is the best ticketing & cashless solution for festivals & live events

Luke Nightingale
21 Jul
min read

Finding the best ticketing partner for your festival or live event can be a hard decision. Where one may excel, it may let itself down somewhere else. That is why here at Event Genius we’ve worked hard to create the most complete end-to-end offering for event organisers, giving promoters access to everything from sophisticated ticketing solutions, to access control, cashless operations, bespoke travel packages and our diverse marketing channels to help increase ticket sales. Put simply, why choose five suppliers when you can choose one?

Here are just 12 reasons why Event Genius is the best ticketing and cashless solution for your festivals and live events. 

Innovative ticketing technology

Take control of your ticketing and sell the way you want. Create branded unified shops to sell tickets (including reserved seating), travel packages, cashless credit or extras for any event and take advantage of the Festicket and Ticket Arena brands by promoting your event to millions of website visitors. Our whitelabel solutions allow you to set up and start selling through your website in minutes or work with us to build a brand new website from scratch!

Whether you’re wanting to run a hidden pre-sale, send out a discount code to loyal fans or upsell extras to ticket-buyers, the self-service Event Genius platform has you covered. 

Stay track and trace compliant

In the post-pandemic world, knowing your audience will be more important than ever. Our Ticket Management Portal allows event organisers to collect a customisable set of data for all attendees, not just the lead booker, in order to remain fully track and trace compliant.

The TMP collects its data post-purchase but pre-ticket delivery in order to increase transaction speeds and conversion rates during checkout, and is the perfect companion to egAccess and egPay, enabling quick and contactless ingress, as well as allowing fans to access and manage their cashless credit before and during the event.

Deliver COVID-secure events with our cashless and contactless solution egPay

With 70% of event-goers saying they’d be more likely to attend an event with a covid-secure cashless and contactless payments system (Festicket Survey, 2021) like our award-winning egPay, it’s clear that reducing all unnecessary contact between staff and event-goers will be a big part of the event industry’s recovery. 

egPay allows promoters to do this by eliminating the need for physical cash, therefore reducing contact points significantly between fans and staff alike. What’s more, event organisers who use egPay benefit from an increase in customer spend, as well as improved audience flow and enhanced analytics and data.

Read more about why your next festival should go cashless with egPay here

Multiple payment solutions at booking checkout

Giving your fans a variety of payment options during online checkout is a great way to boost conversion rates. Our popular payment plan offering typically increases the conversion rate of an event by upwards of 24%, while also contributing towards a 74% increase in average order value. Events that offer this option strongly incentivise customers to purchase extras such as accommodation and travel.

Similarly our Pay with Friends feature, which allows bookers to split the cost of their booking with their friends, leads to an incredible three times increase in average order value for events that have it activated. 

Unrivalled customer and client service

For both event organisers and event-goers, offering great customer service is a pillar of what we do. As well as our customer help-centre and onsite box office management, we also offer promoters a 24 hour live chat on their Event Genius dashboard, as well as a dedicated Account Manager to guide and help them with any questions they may have.

We invest in your events being a success and take this very seriously.

In depth data and analytics

Get a 360-view of your event with real-time data and analytics directly from the Event Genius dashboard. Simply login to your self-service account and manage your events, view sales data, traffic sources, audience demographics and much more through our mobile-friendly dashboards.

And if you’ve also set up egPay, you’ll be able to tap into real-time and post-event reporting, such as the ability to analyse stock, product and location performance and ultimately make smarter, data driven decisions.

Increase customer spend

Using egPay for your event can increase customer spend by up to 39% by allowing you to leverage fan incentives, streamlining operational costs and providing a better overall event experience.

egPay allows you to generate revenue from day one by allowing event-goers to pre-purchase voucher credit to spend at your event, further increasing revenues and reducing on-site queues. 

Create the ultimate travel experience

Our egTravel team create bespoke packages to elevate your event experience, attract event-goers from around the world and introduce your events to a new global fanbase.

We work with a variety of partners to enable us to offer packages that suit events of all types all over the world, fans of all types, and most importantly budgets of all types. These include all kinds of accommodation, like hotels, hostels, guesthouses, apartments, camping, and glamping sites, as well as extras such as goody bags, exclusive artist merchandise or content, or special food and drinks packages.

Learn more about our egTravel solutions here

Reach new audiences

Our varied marketing mix will take your event to new audiences at home and abroad. With over 5m email subscribers, 300k social followers, 500k active magazine readers a month and nine translated languages, let us uncover your next set of superfans. 

The egMarketing mix benefits from intelligent automations, including on-sale alerts and upsell campaigns, as well as expertly curated bespoke campaigns from our Campaign Managers.

Festicket's Waiting List data collection tool in action for Lollapalooza 2021, Chicago, US

Seamless audience ingress with egAccess

Whatever size your event, egAccess can help you deliver a seamless access control operation. Implement COVID-secure contactless scanning, detect fake and duplicate tickets with ease and eliminate fraud.

Our egAccess Lite scanning app is free to download on both iOS and Android. For large scale events, get in touch today for more information on our industry-leading pro hardware that has been tried and tested in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, muddy festival sites of the UK and beyond. 

Perfect for live streaming and virtual events too

Thanks to our partnership with music and lifestyle TV channel Clubbing TV, we are able to offer promoters a truly end-to-end live streaming service through Festicket Live.

That means promoters of live stream events can take advantage of Clubbing TV’s extensive experience in world-class production for live streams, whether they are digital panels, workshops, DJ sets or festival-style productions. 

This can be paired with egTicketing and egMarketing to leverage the live stream to a global audience, while also using egTicketing’s sophisticated ticketing solutions, such as customising your e-tickets with private stream links and unique access codes.

Global reach, local knowledge

Thanks to our offices in Europe, the US and Australia, promoters can tap into our global reach and local knowledge on markets around the world. Our websites, checkouts and dashboards are all multi-lingual, allowing us to serve events anywhere in the world without any compromise on service levels. 

If you’d like to speak to us about any of our products or services, get in touch today, our friendly team would love to hear from you! 

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