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5 reasons why cashless payments outshine token systems at food & drink events

Alex Ogilvie
27 Jun
min read

As one of the fastest growing ways to enjoy the summer sun with family and friends, food, wine and beer festivals have quickly become one of the most competitive markets in the events industry.

To stand out, organisers have traditionally turned to plastic token systems to help reduce the burden of moving cash around the site and create standardised pricing models for their patrons.

However, after a queue to gain access to the event and then another to swap their money for tokens, the last thing fans want to have to do, is face constant waits in line for a taste of the Candyfloss IPA or the ultra-hip Indian street food they came to sample.

That’s just one of the ways Event Genius Pay, our award-winning cashless POS, can help:

1. Super-fast queues: Our systems give fans the ability to pre-purchase currency online with vouchers, meaning that they don’t have a lengthy wait after entry to start having fun (and making purchases). Once a fan has had their credit loaded onto their RFID enabled wristband, they can pay in less than a second with a tap of their wrist, keeping queuing to a minimum.

2. Reduced errors: As every transaction is processed digitally using one of our devices, there is less opportunity for staff handling errors or theft of tokens.

3. Reduced costs and fraud: With no physical tokens, there's no need to create a new token inventory for every event or worry about customers reusing old tokens.

4. Reduced manual administration: Make collecting and counting tokens a thing of the past. Our solution automatically creates sales reports for every bar, vendor and device in use, making end-of-event reconciliation a breeze.

5. Better data to improve future planning & pricing: Use rich data from all vendors, bars and top-up locations to set accurate pitch fees, via tiers or a percentage of sales, and implement better event planning at future events.

Want to join StreetLife Craft Beer and Gin festival (Jersey), Oktoberfest (Leeds) and more in the cashless revolution? Then get in touch today and book a demo of Event Genius Pay.

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