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9 ways to improve your live event with cashless data

28 Oct
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One of the most salient advantages of implementing a cashless rfid or nfc payment system at your music festival, food & drink festival, club night or sports event is the rich stream of data available from the Event Genius Pay reporting suite. This data can be hugely beneficial both in real-time and post-event when it comes to planning and executing your next event. Here are some of our favourite uses of cashless data:

1. Manage your staff levels:
Our live reporting suite will show you which bars are busy and which are quiet, allowing you to move your staff between locations with ease to keep queuing to a minimum and prevent wasting money.

2. Control your stock:
Check what is selling well and what isn’t at each location with a quick glance at our intelligent reporting dashboard. Is your main bar pouring beers faster than anticipated? No problem - move some stock from elsewhere to ensure the drinks keep flowing.

3. Incentivise top spenders:
Keep your top spending fans coming back for more with loyalty discounts for your next event.

4. Improve your event planning:
Events like music festivals require an enormous amount of planning and coordination, and more often than not some bars or vendors will fall victim to poor footfall. With Event Genius Pay you can build a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t and make changes accordingly. Was your main bar overwhelmed? Make it bigger and add more staff. Did nobody happen across the cocktail lounge? Move it to a more prominent position.

5. Create a super-team:
When it comes to events, some staff are more efficient than others, serving more people in the same amount of time. With Event Genius’ cashless payment devices you can see who is taking the most money at each location and form a superhero team of staff on your busiest bar at peak times.

6. Plan your staffing:
Identify the peak times for top-up and bars and plan your staff hours accordingly to reduce any wastage. As purchase frequencies taper off, reduce the number of staff at each station.

7. Reconciliation:
Instant reconciliation at the end of an event means you know immediately how your event performed, without having to pay for staff to spend hours counting the cash and balancing the books.

8. Take your data to sponsors:
Can you show an outstanding level of sales for a particular product? Take this data into your next supplier meeting and use it as ammo for a sponsorship deal or a better price on your stock.

9. Keep track of your vouchers:
Monitor how many of your pre-event vouchers have been redeemed in real time and close the voucher point when you hit 100%.If you’d like to know more about how Event Genius Pay data can help improve your event, please get in touch or to keep up to date with our latest news please subscribe by entering your email address below:

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