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Cashless sports events: How your stadium and fans could benefit from Event Genius Pay

9 Sep
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Have you ever been standing in the queue for food and drink at half time, fumbling around trying to find the correct change, anxious to get back to your seat before the game starts again?

Plenty of us will have experienced the annoyance of nipping out of our seats a couple of minutes early to beat the queues at the bar only to miss a crucial goal or try, or missed the restart waiting for some chips and a beer.

Sports events - more so than live music - have short windows in which to squeeze a large volume of sales of food and drink. Event Genius Pay, our award winning cashless payment system, alleviates many of the pain points that come with refreshments at sports events. An estimated 66% of transactions in the UK are now cashless. This is largely due to increased convenience, speed and security when compared with cash. Here are some interesting points that might just tip you in the direction of a cashless RFID or NFC payment system for your next sporting season:

1. Improved customer experience: Event Genius Pay - our award-winning cashless POS - works by giving fans a card or wristband which they preload with cash. Customers pay using a simple tap of their card or band on one of our payment devices - it’s significantly faster than cash or card purchases. As a result, vendors see faster moving, shorter queues meaning a higher volume of sales and a greater likelihood of fans retaking their seats before the game starts.

2. Rich customer analytics: With Event Genius Pay, data generated by fan purchases stays in-house, rather than being sent to banks never to be seen again. Use our reporting suite to improve your stock accuracy and staffing levels week-on-week by seeing precisely what is ordered, where and when. Data can also identify your top spending fans and allow you to reward them with VIP bonuses and incentives.

3. Increased customer spend: Our reporting suite indicates that the average consumer spend in a cashless environment can increase by 25% using Event Genius Pay. Shorter queue times result in more time to enjoy a pint (or maybe two).

4. Offline capabilities: When thousands of fans converge on a stadium bar, a strong network connection is absolutely essential to processing contactless card transactions. If a network outage coincides with your half-time break things are likely to get hairy very quickly. Event Genius Pay is completely functional offline and thus highly dependable in those instances when the internet drops out.

5. Reduced cost and cash handling errors: Cash is an unwieldy beast in a fast-paced environment like a bar or food stall. It's very easy for coins and notes to go missing, through incorrect change being given out, dropped, miscounted or occasionally pocketed. With Event Genius Pay this scenario is eliminated.

A scalable end-to-end solution

Event Genius Pay is one component of a scalable stadium solution, with implementation possible for just a few hundred fans to a hundred-thousand. In addition to our cashless technology Event Genius are experts in ticketing and access control.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Event Genius can help boost your revenues and improve your fan experience, please get in touch via email. To keep up to date with our latest news please subscribe by entering your email address in the page footer below.

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