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Download our Fan Report and find out how music fans really feel about live events in 2022

Luke Nightingale
6 Apr
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One of the most important aspects to being a successful event organiser is keeping in tune with, and reacting to, the changing attitudes and perceptions of event-goers. This is arguably even more critical in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted the live events industry like never before. 

In our recent Fan Report – which is available to download for free by clicking here – we wanted to find out how global event-goers feel about returning to live events at home and abroad in 2022, and what actions event organisers can take to help them return to live. To do so we conducted a survey of 12,000 music fans from the UK, Europe and the US.  

In our report we found out:

•  What proportion of music fans from each region have booked tickets to events at home and abroad in 2022, and what type of events.

•  How event-goers feel about new COVID-19 measures, and which measures over half of fans said made them feel safer.

•  Why 31% and 60% of fans haven’t booked a ticket to a domestic and international event respectively in 2022.

•  What actions event organisers can take to help fans return to live and boost sales, including ways to tackle two key reasons that are stopping around a third of fans without tickets from booking.

•  The main factors influencing the buying decision, including one which 80% of fans said was crucial when it came to buying a ticket.

Click here to download the full Fan Report

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