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Event Genius by Festicket's ILMC 32 Roundup

8 Mar
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The International Live Music Conference went ahead successfully once again this year in challenging circumstances amid the outbreak of Coronavirus and a growing list of event cancellations. A team representing Event Genius by Festicket were on the ground to soak up some industry insight and meet friends old and new.

ILMC’s main opening session kicked things off on Wednesday with The Open Forum: Universally Challenged, played out as a live game show featuring some of the industry’s leading lights. Discussions inevitably turned to Coronavirus and the concerns about an industry slowdown, either from events being cancelled or the public’s unwillingness to take a perceived risk in buying tickets. Phil Rodriguez noted the double standard of those staying away from ILMC 32, commenting: “I’m blown away that some people in this business didn’t come here because of coronavirus, and at the same time we’re doing shows – what kind of message does that send?"

Wednesday afternoon saw Claire O’Neill from A Greener Festival and Tanner Watt from Reverb give a workshop on Greener Touring, taking participants through ways and means of making touring - as the lifeblood of the music industry - more sustainable. The subject carries additional weight following a summer of festival cancellations around the globe due to extreme weather events, thought to be becoming more prolific as global warming worsens.

There was also time to catch Urban Legends: Hip Hop on Top, a panel delving into the rise and rise of urban music and its direction in 2020. This was a particularly interesting topic for the Festicket team having signed Rolling Loud Europe as a client in recent months and witnessed first hand its huge global appeal.

Elsewhere there were talks on the growing investment potential in the music industry, the rising stakes of event insurance and the exploration of new frontiers for touring opportunities in Asia, the Middle East and beyond. Matthias Just of Mayland AG suggested as consumers are willing to spend more money on experiences rather than material possessions, the outlook for the entertainment space looks strong. This was a welcome vote of confidence in the Event Genius by Festicket mission to bring experiences to fans rather than a simple ticket portal.

Thursday placed venues in the spotlight with new builds springing up around the globe and consolidation taking place alongside it such as the AEG and SMG merger. Ticketing also came to the fore with Ticketing: The Price is Right; a panel on the growing trend towards mobile ticketing and the opportunities for businesses and artists this brings about.

Our very own Festicket product manager Ben King took to the stage on Thursday afternoon to take part in the New Technology: Pitch it to Win it panel. Ben discussed the importance of making it easier for music festival fans to discover new festivals that matched their music tastes, and outlined the exciting steps Festicket have taken to make this a reality.

All in all, ILMC 32 made for some fascinating discussions, with several pressing real world issues providing fertile ground for debate and learning in the industry. We’re looking forward to next year already.

If you missed us at ILMC this year and you’d like to know more about Event Genius by Festicket, please get in touch and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news:

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