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Event Genius’ travel platform is powering sales for Meadows in the Mountains festival

Alex Ogilvie
13 Dec
min read

We’re proud to announce that Meadows in the Mountains have signed with Event Genius to sell tickets and more with us for their 2018 festival.By using our white label travel platform, the team behind the offbeat festival set in Bulgaria’s beautiful Rhodope mountains can sell tickets, accommodation, airport transfers and extras such as tickets to pool parties and campervan parking.You can see our travel platform in action on their website.With their “leave no trace” environmental policy mandating the use of reusable cups, portable ashtrays, biodegradable packaging, the composting of all toilet and food waste, as well as a commitment to reducing/offsetting their carbon emissions, Meadows In the Mountains is one of the most eco-friendly festivals on the planet, and we’re proud to be working alongside them.

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