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How to create the perfect Access Control experience for your event or festival

Luke Nightingale
17 Aug
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To manage any successful event – regardless of size – requires a seamless and efficient access system. This is usually the first physical interaction that ticket-holders will have with your event and often sets the tone.

The coronavirus pandemic has only made getting this right even more important, given the need to reduce as much unnecessary contact amongst event-goers and staff as possible, as well as improve audience flow.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up just some of the ways that you can create the perfect access control experience for your event-goers.

Ditch paper tickets and go digital

Gone are the days of expensively needing to send out thousands of paper tickets, with digital ticketing now becoming the standard. Going digital not only improves hygiene in the post pandemic world, it also brings about a host of technical benefits when done so via a system like Event Genius. These include:

•  Track and trace compliance via our Ticket Management Portal
•  Ticket-holders can easily share tickets with friends
•  One ticket per smartphone for faster entry 
•  One barcode for multiple elements of a booking, such as transport, accommodation, cashless credit and after-parties
•  One system for event-goers, guestlist, staff and more
•  Stay on sale even after your event has started, with instant syncing to egAccess ticket scanning
•  Easily detect fake and duplicate tickets
•  Scan 3rd party ticket agent tickets

Setup multiple access points

A big way to help improve ingress is to set up multiple entry points – including separate ones for VIP guests and staff – ideally at various points around the event site depending on the main audience approaches.

Setting up like this will reduce queueing and any excessive swelling of event-goers around a single point, which can cause friction and is much less COVID-secure.

Managing multiple entry points is easily achieved with egAccess and in the past we have actually gone as far as simultaneously running entry points spread across a whole country, as part of our event delivery for Wales Rally GB (the UK round of the official FIA World Rally Championships).   

Take advantage of timed entry tickets

Timed Entry ticketing has been a feature of the Event Genius suite for a long time, however, we’ve seen its popularity increase dramatically over the course of the past months as events begin to take place again.

Possibly the most efficient way of managing audience flow, our flexible Timed Entry solution allows you to sell tickets which are only valid for specific entry times, all validated through our egAccess scanning solution. It can be configured to meet any schedule and be used on multiple attractions within the same venue.

Use a solution that integrates with all your ticketing agents

There’s little that is more stressful than having to set up and manage separate entry points for each of your ticketing agents. This is also a nightmare from an event-goer’s perspective too. How often do you witness various ticket-holders within one group having bought from different ticketing agents now having to find their separate queues, and then waiting literally just the other side for their friends.

And although selling through multiple ticketing agents may never change, working with a solution like egAccess that can accept barcode inventory from all agents will make all that stress go away.

Make sure your ticket scanners can handle your demand and location, even when offline

Whether you’re running an intimate event or a large scale festival, it’s important to make sure you have the right tech that won’t let you down. At Event Genius we’ve worked hard on creating solutions that cover all bases, from our free egAccess Lite scanning app (available on iOS and Android) which allows you to run a reliable access control solution off your own phone, to our Pro hardware offering for those of you after faster and more robust scanning at large scale events. 

Extended battery lives, waterproof, durable and reliable, our Pro hardware and devices have been tried and tested in the deserts of Saudi Arabia, muddy festival sites and beyond.

What’s more, both our Pro devices and our free egAccess Lite scanning app work even when offline.

Keep on top of the data

One of the biggest perks of going digital is that it allows you to benefit from the wealth of data it provides. For example, with egAccess you are able to monitor entry flow in real time, keep on top of audience numbers, and therefore make informed decisions based on the data.

And by integrating it with egPay – our cashless solution – you can take your analytics to the next level, tracking customer movements around your event site, and delving deeper into customer spending habits, building up a holistic view of all your different fan profiles within your audience.

If you’re interested in finding out more about egAccess, or any of our other solutions, get in touch today. Our friendly team would love to hear from you.

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