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The new Ticket Arena website is now live

Alex Ogilvie
20 Mar
min read

It’s a huge day for everyone here at Ticket Arena and Event Genius, as after months of listening, planning, drafting and designing we’re delighted to announce that the new Ticket Arena website is now live.Our new site is the culmination of hard work from staff across all areas of our business; it has been rebuilt from the ground-up to exceed the expectations of modern consumers, help promoters sell more tickets and to provide a platform for future ticketing technology innovations.

A mobile-first design

After you’ve clicked through a few pages, the most obvious change you’ll notice will be to the website’s look and feel. Whereas the old site had pages originally designed for desktops/laptops that were later optimised for smartphones, every webpage on our new site has been given a mobile-first redesign that looks great on every device. Huge hero images sit atop event pages making them more eye catching, while rich content like embedded video, maps and flyers load faster than ever before. If you want to make your event look its best on these new pages then check out our handy blog post.

Revamped branding

With a fresh lick of paint on our webpages, we felt that it was the right time to revamp the Ticket Arena branding too. As a business, our aim is to connect people with unforgettable experiences and empower promoters with innovative tools to manage every aspect of their event and engage with fans. The grid that our new logo is built around represents this connection between ourselves, the fans and promoters, and this connection is at the very heart of our business.

Data-driven discovery. Carefully curated content.

Another area of the new site which we’re proud of is our new event discovery tool. One of our aims with the new website was to make it easier for customers to find events that match their location and the type of experiences they’re interested in.To help, we created beautiful new pages for clubs, gigs, festivals, cities, venues and brands, then made them easier to find with our simplified menu navigation. Powered by the details you add to your events, these pages are just the start of our journey to improve and personalise our customers’ online experience using data.We won’t just be relying on automation to help customers find your events. By working with our improved branding and design, our talented marketing team will be increasing the quality, output and engagement with our social media activity , news and features articles.

Tackling the touts

Finally, we’re also taking more steps to tackle ticket buying bots with our improved ‘Waiting Room’ feature for popular events. We simply give anyone arriving onto our website prior to an event onsale a random place in a virtual line and quickly release users in turn when tickets are released to buy. By doing this we make the use of any bots that rely on speed or code changes useless and make things fairer for genuine fans.

We want to hear from you

These improvements are just the start of our plans for the coming months and years, we hope you like the new site as much as we do. If you have any feature suggestions, feedback or would just like to get in contact please do so via our contact page.

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