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Our values: We are Curious

James Kilpin
23 Jun
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Last week we unveiled our values, outlining the how’s and why’s of the project and laying out the five values which will shape the future of Event Genius.

Over the coming weeks we will go into more detail about each value, as well as inviting a member of the Event Genius team to explore what it means to them.

First up: We are Curious.

Being in a state of constant learning means we challenge the status quo. Doing so allows us to re-evaluate and course-correct as we go. 

Being curious means that:

• We are hungry for information so that we can make the best possible decisions.
• We set the bar high for ourselves and each other.
• We each take responsibility for our own learning path and honing our craft.
• We own our mistakes because they help us to learn and improve.
• We are curious about each other and what makes each of us tick. 
• We challenge assumptions and co-create through engaged, relevant input. 
• We use technology smartly, allowing us to be hands-on with the opportunities that take us forward in leaps and bounds.

It does not mean that:

• Not knowing an answer means we cannot contribute.
• We point fingers or blame instead of focusing on solving problems, together.
• Work is not delivered until it’s perfect. Incremental improvement and timely deliverables are more important than stagnation on the road to perfection.

Will Ellis, QA Lead:

“Curiosity is definitely at the heart of what we do in Quality Assurance, but it feels like something we can all do in our day-to-day as well.

In QA we explore the product and learn what its limitations are, and what new value can be derived; and yes, uncover bugs... We use heuristics and other exploratory techniques to chart a path through the product, and we use curiosity as a tool to find out more along the way. 

But this isn’t about going in ad-hoc and hoping for the best; we make informed judgements about what we are looking for, we use context and lateral thinking to really delve into what the product is for.

Being curious is not reserved for QA; in Marketing we might be looking for new markets to explore, in Sales we might be searching for up-and-coming promoters and trends, in Product it might be about researching ideas and working with these to meet our client’s needs. It really is about understanding how to bring that curiosity to life.

Curiosity is about learning, and applying what we have learnt.”
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