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Our values: We are One Team

James Kilpin
30 Jun
min read

Having unveiled our values, examined the process, and explored our curiosity, attention now turns to the next value in our series: We are One Team.

As a team, we understand that whilst not everyone enjoys the limelight, it takes more than the frontperson to make sure the performance goes off without a hitch.

We’re all contributing different things to our shared mission, brought together by our passion for what we do and how that improves the industry we serve – we are one team, delivering unforgettable experiences, together. 

Being one team means that:

• We keep our eyes on the prize - our vision is what we’re all collectively working towards.
• Success is worth celebrating. Failure is worth learning from. Both are worthy of recognition. 
• We take ownership and responsibility for our own role and we show up for each other.
• We know that it’s when we communicate and work together across different teams that we really make things happen. 

It does not mean that:

• We fail to credit individual work.
• We focus on what went wrong instead of how to move forward with the best solution
• We expect people to keep up with changes without disseminating information.

Purvi Patel, Product Manager:

"One Team is all about our way of working collaboratively across teams, departments, time zones, and more.

As Product Managers, we don’t always have all the answers, so we need to work closely with other departments and other teams to really understand problems, needs, and solutions.

As a company, our departments work together to support our clients' needs – whether that’s before the event goes on sale, all the way through to post-event activities.

We have to collaborate cross-functionally; we’re all part of the process and provide a valuable contribution that means we deliver value to our clients and unforgettable experiences to our users."
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