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Product Update: egTicketing Payment Portal

James Kilpin
4 Aug
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This brand new feature on the Event Genius self service platform offers a clear and easily accessible breakdown of sales, payments, invoices, and more!

We are excited to unveil the latest development to the Event Genius self service platform, our brand new Payment Portal.

Payments are crucial. We recognise that and that all our partners should have clear, visible and reliable information about their payments for all of their events on our platform. 

So with the new Payment Portal, we’re happy to say that all Event Genius users now have easy access to invoices, key payments details for both past and future payments and much much more. 

What are the key benefits of the new Payment Portal?

•  Producing and displaying invoices which show you when and how much you have been paid – featuring the sales period and invoice number.
•  Download invoices direct from the Payment Portal. 
•  Clearly displaying a schedule and status for future payments in a dedicated tab.
•  We will notify you via the Payment Portal if any bank details are missing to help ensure you are successfully paid on time and according to the schedule.
•  View your total cash position and top level numbers across individual events, and at company level.
•  Drill down and view payment details for specific events.
•  Fully mobile optimised, to help you keep on top of your event finances on the move.

The Payment Portal is an important development for the Event Genius offering. The improvements to the system offer more detail and clarity, important payment data at the click of a button and a quicker and more efficient payment process.

How to access the Payment Portal

You can make use of this new functionality by reaching out to your Account Manager who will be able to activate the new portal on your account. To access the Payment Portal, simply then navigate to the newly added ‘Payments’ tab in the left navigation menu of the Event Genius platform. From here you can view all the new available information for paid and upcoming payments by toggling between the ‘Paid’ and ‘Future’ tabs respectively (found just beneath your top level numbers).

Watch the walk through video below for more information on how to access and use the Payment Portal today. 

As an existing client, you can get in touch with your Account Manager directly, via the live chat in your Event Genius account, or via clientsupport@eventgenius.live, to learn more about the Payment Portal today.

If you’re new to Event Genius and would like to find out more about the Payment Portal or any of our other products, get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!

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