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Product Update: Mobile Dashboards Phase 1

Alex Ogilvie
20 Oct
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You spoke, we listened

During the pandemic our teams have been working hard handling large amounts of customer queries, refunds and event reschedulings whilst supporting our clients through, what have been, very tough times for the industry. However, during these months our engineering teams have kept busy, looking ahead and improving our platform so our partners have the best solution possible when we return to normality.We have listened to all your feedback and are now beginning to roll out lots of exciting new features, services and a new brand image over the coming months.

Product Update: Mobile Dashboards Phase 1  

We understand that as event organisers you spend a lot of time away from your desks and being able to analyse event performance via your mobile device on the move, 24/7, is vital. With this in mind, we’re happy to announce the release of the first version of our Mobile Dashboards.

Upon logging into your Event Genius account, you will now be directed to a mobile friendly Event List. From here, you are able to browse event performance across all on sale events, easily track ticket sales, revenue, remaining allocations and select specific events to analyse further. After selecting an event, all the following dashboards are now fully mobile optimised.

Event Performance panel - Easily check sales numbers, revenue, visits, conversion rate and average order value.

Sales Breakdown graph - Identify ticket sales, revenue and conversion rate peaks and troughs, configurable through hourly, daily, weekly and monthly graphs.

Ticket Type Sales - View ticket sales, revenue and remaining tickets per ticket / product type and never run out of allocation again.

Visits by channel graph - Keep on top of the marketing channels driving the most pageviews to your events.

Sales by channel graph - Identify which marketing channels are returning the most ticket sales.

Sales by location data - Find out in an instant which countries and cities are driving the most sales for your events.

As part of the updates, please note the following items have now been moved to the event level menu (•••):

Coming soon...

These updates are just the first step in a wider project we are undertaking to make our platform more intuitive and user friendly. Over the coming months more and more of the dashboards and functionality within Event Genius will become fully mobile optimised as we continue to improve usability.

Alongside this ongoing project, our teams are also working hard on a number of improvements right across the full suite of our offering. Take a look below for a sneak preview of some of the exciting features coming next.

A fresh new image - Unifying our product offering is key to offering a clear and concise service. We have revamped our logo, Event Genius website and also, most importantly, have worked on a fresh new user interface for all our tools and admin dashboards which is being rolled out gradually.

Scalability - Big stability improvements that will see faster ticket sale rates during high-demand on sales and the ability to sell complex products such as travel packages and other add-ons during these peaks.

New Unified Store Widget - Our widgets are critical features for a lot of our partners who sell tickets via their own websites. We’ll be working to enhance the user experience across these stores, improving the embed process, whilst allowing you to display any combination of products.

Mobile app - A native app to allow customers easy access to their tickets no matter their location or internet reception, perfect for those off-grid festivals and underground basement venues. Customers will be able to browse, find and purchase events easily and will be kept up to date with your latest events through our powerful CRM data engine, push notifications and more.

Event Genius app - Available for Android and IOS, you will be able to sell, scan tickets and check stats for your latest events directly through a brand new app, coming to app stores.  

Event Genius Pay revamp - Our cashless platform is having a complete makeover with a whole new reporting suite and lots of new features to help you better manage payments and increase revenues at your events.  

COVID-19 ready - We have been working on a number of solutions to help kick start the safe return of events, both internally and with partners. If you are interested in finding out more about these developments and how we can help your events, please get in touch.

If you’re an event organiser and want to learn more about what we're up to, get in touch today. Our friendly sales team are here to help. You can also sign up to our newsletter below for all our latest updates direct to your inbox.

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