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Product Update: Ticket Management Portal - The answer to track and trace for events

Luke Nightingale
16 Jul
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This new release improves data collection, cashless payments, ensures you comply with all track and trace requirements, contributes to more COVID-secure processes and opens up new revenue streams for event creators and organisers. 

Today we’re really excited to announce the release of one of our biggest developments of the year, the brand new track and trace compliant Ticket Management Portal (TMP). 

In a world where knowing your audience, COVID-compliant track and trace, cashless payments and data collection are becoming more and more important, we wanted to create a system that allows you to easily gather accurate attendee details before delivering tickets and improves the cashless fan journey without creating any additional friction to the checkout process. 

This led us to develop our brand new Ticket Management Portal (TMP). The TMP allows fans to view and manage all elements of their order, prepare for their event experience and provide vital track and trace details for all members of their party.

But it’s not just about track and trace, the Ticket Management Portal also provides event creators with a whole host of additional benefits and opportunities both during and after the COVID-19 pandemic... 

How do event organisers and fans benefit from the TMP?

•  Know all your customers.
You now have the ability to collect a customisable range of data for all individual attendees, not just the lead booker, in order to remain fully track and trace compliant.
•  Data is collected post-purchase but pre-ticket delivery in order to increase transaction speeds and conversion rates during checkout. 
•  Tickets are dispatched via our secure mobile app for faster and contactless ingress.
•  Communicate important information – such as lineup changes, timings or travel changes – to each ticket-holder rather than only lead bookers.
•  Customers can easily share tickets with friends, giving them a better user experience as well as drastically reducing inbounds to customer service teams.

TMP is also fully integrated with egPay, our cashless and contactless payments solution.

•  New mobile tickets contain both event entry and pre-purchased cashless credits.  
•  Just one scan at the door is required to issue a topped-up wristband or fans can pay with their mobile ticket barcode directly at bars and vendors. 
•  Customers can top-up within the portal and throughout the upsell journey.  Communicate special offers to all individual ticket-holders rather than only lead bookers. 
•  Each ticket is linked to a specific attendee, increasing data collection and insights on your best customers.

Check out the video below and see how your fans will use the new Ticket Management Portal

The Ticket Management Portal represents an important development in the return to the live events, ensuring all our event partners are able to run events in a COVID-secure and compliant manner.

Our Ticket Management Portal is available for new and existing clients who would like to activate it. As an existing client, you can get in touch with your Account Manager directly, via the live chat in your Event Genius account, or via clientsupport@eventgenius.live, to learn more and activate the TMP for your events today.

If you’re new to Event Genius and would like to find out more about the Ticket Management Portal, and how it can help you in the return to live events, get in touch today, we’d love to hear from you!

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