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Promoter Update - GDPR

30 May
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As part of the Event Genius family, we need to make you aware of some changes we have made to ensure we are in line with the new GDPR regulations which came into effect on 25th May. We believe the changes we have made will give you a clearer understanding of how that data can be managed and for what purpose.

Privacy Policy
We have updated our existing Privacy Policy to give you more information about how and why we collect your data, as well as your rights. In this policy, you can also see what lawful basis we use in order to process data. Our full Privacy Policy can be found here. We’ve made this as easy as possible to understand, but if there is anything that confuses you, our team are on hand to help! Don’t be afraid to contact us.

Our Terms and Conditions
We've also updated the terms and conditions of the Event Genius platform to comply with new GDPR regulations by providing you with more clarity about how personal data should be managed by us and yourselves. The new terms and conditions will come into effect the next time you sign into Event Genius.

Forgotten Passwords
If you should forget your Event Genius password and enter it incorrectly into the system five times, you will be automatically locked out of your account. When this happens, you will be sent an email with a link that will allow you to unlock your account and reset your password.

Marketing Consent
We don't want tick boxes to take over our customer's lives, so we’ve created a system that is flexible to our customer's individual purchase history. New customers now have the choice of opting-in to receive marketing information from both us (Ticket Arena) and you (the event organiser) at the point of purchase. However, if you have an existing customer that has previously purchased tickets for any of your events with us, then these boxes won't appear for them as we are already eligible to contact them and share their data with you.

To help with this, you can now view the consent given by an individual within the Reports tab on the Event Genius platform.

You can see this in the Ticket List report on each event, or by simply selecting ‘Create a New Custom Report’ and add the new GDPR options to your report criteria.

If you have any questions on this, our account management team are on hand to help!

Please note, it is the responsibility of you/your organisation to record, store and act upon any subsequent updates to the consent provided by these individuals.

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