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Event Genius is now operated by Lyte
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Unlisted Tickets: Offer hidden pre-sale discounts & rewards to your most loyal fans

Alex Ogilvie
6 Mar
min read

We’re pleased to announce the launch of ‘Unlisted Tickets’, a small but significant addition to the ticket creation options within the Event Genius platform.Designed to make it easier for you to reward your most loyal fans and other VIPs (e.g. friends & family), the new feature allows you to create tickets that only appear on your box office - or via the Ticket Arena website - when they are accessed via a unique URL.

For example, ‘Unlisted Tickets’ can be used to send discounts, special offers or pre-sale tickets to specific fan groups, keeping all ticket sales within a single event listing.You can create ‘Unlisted Tickets’ by entering the name of your offer in the ‘Hide with URL Code’ field as part of the standard ticket creation process. As you do so, the system will offer you a preview of how your URL will appear to users:

After completing the creation of the ticket allocation, simply copy the custom URL you created, share with your desired individual or audience and they will be able to purchase the special offer you’ve created using the normal box office and checkout process.

If you have any questions about 'Unlisted Tickets' or any of our tools, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team or your Account Manager.

Make sure you stay up to date with any further system updates or company announcements, by subscribing below:

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